Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings More Expensive?

In recent years, rose gold engagement rings have increased in popularity. Their pinkish hue is unique and adds a warm tone to your jewelry. Plus, most people feel that the rose gold color complements their skin tones more than white or yellow gold.

However, due to this popularity uptick, most people may be prompted to wonder whether rose gold engagement rings are more expensive than other engagement rings.

What is a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Rose gold is a precious metal made from gold and copper alloy to create a distinctive pinkish hue. The proportions of copper and gold used can cause the coloration to vary, with some being more orange or peach-colored than others.

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Other Types of Gold Rings?

The simple answer is no. Rose gold engagement rings are not inherently more expensive than other gold engagement rings. The copper alloy used to create rose gold costs less than other alloy metals, meaning rose gold may be slightly less expensive than white or yellow gold. However, the cost of a rose gold engagement ring primarily depends on a few other factors.

Karat Weight

The percentage of pure gold in an engagement ring is known as karat weight. The purest and most expensive form of gold is 24-karat gold, which contains 100% gold with no alloys. An 18-karat rose gold has 75% pure gold and 25% copper. There are also some cheaper versions of rose gold engagement rings made of 14-karat or 16-karat gold, containing 58.33% or 41.67% gold, respectively.


The popularity of rose gold engagement rings has grown in recent years. While they are not as popular as white gold or platinum engagement rings, they are still in high demand. This increased demand can cause the price of rose gold rings to be slightly higher than other engagement rings.


The design of the rose gold engagement ring will also affect the price. If the ring has a more intricate or detailed design, it will be more expensive than a simpler ring.

The Gemstone

When buying an engagement ring, the type of gemstone used affects the price more than the setting (in this case, rose gold or white or yellow gold). A diamond ring will be more expensive than a ring with a less expensive gemstone, such as cubic zirconia. Also, a higher-carat diamond will be more expensive than a lower-carat diamond of the same rose gold setting.

Where to Find the Perfect Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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