Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

Lab Grown:

Lab Grown Diamonds are gaining immense popularity across the world but so many are curious as to what they are! Sure, they’re a great alternative to natural diamonds but what really IS a lab grown diamond? First off, yes, lab-made diamonds are real diamonds! Scientists grow lab-made diamonds using one of two different processes. The first method mimics conditions needed on Earth to form natural diamonds. Chemical vapor deposition is the second method used to create lab-made diamonds. Both methods create real diamonds without having to fully undergo the mining process like natural diamonds, this can contribute to their more affordable price. Lab diamonds undergo the same diamond examination to determine their 4C’s (color, cut, clarity & color). Professional gemological laboratories and sophisticated devices are the only reliable ways to distinguish differences between natural and lab-made diamonds. No one can distinguish the two diamonds by the natural eye and they would only know if you tell them, it’s lab or natural! Lab grown diamonds cost less essentially because they’re not valued as rare as the traditional natural diamonds since they can be produced by scientists. This benefits the consumer because it can save you a ton of money!

For example, you can get a higher-grade lab diamond with a bigger carat size for your budget. Lab grown diamonds still can have all the properties like a natural diamond like inclusions and will not always be flawless. It is, in fact, a real diamond unlike CZ’s or moissanite and will last you a lifetime just like a natural one would, the only difference is your preference. Choosing the right diamond for yourself or a loved one is a huge decision with many factors. We're happy to answer any further questions you may have about lab diamonds and provide you with any other information you need about purchasing. We offer a wide variety of lab grown options and can even make you a custom piece from scratch!

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Natural Diamonds:

Natural Diamonds have been the most beloved stone for so many years. It’s what so many people choose to have at the center of their engagement rings and so much more! Diamonds were first discovered in India around 2,500 years ago and have captivated so many people across the globe. Diamonds were a symbol of power long before they became a symbol of love, and were often worn by Kings and Princes going into battle to bring good luck. Natural diamonds are unique and rare since they are mined from Earth and we have no idea how many are left inside the Earth. What makes a diamond so special is how it forms and how long it takes to do so. The process begins deep in the earth where conditions are exactly right. Pure carbon undergoes extreme pressure at a very high temperature for billions of years to become a diamond. It takes anywhere from one to three billion years for natural diamonds to form. Volcanic eruptions bring diamonds to the surface inside of rocky formations. Then, miners extract these precious stones for processing and sale. Diamonds can come in all shapes and sizes and are classified in categories known as the 4C’s (color, cut, clarity, and carat) which determine their rarity and value.

Natural diamonds are also super unique because they can come in multiple colors such as pink and blue! Natural diamonds are typically the most expensive stone you can buy because of the intense process it takes to make them the way they are (besides being rare!). Not only do they have to be mined, they then have to be cut, polished, examined, graded, and located to their next home. The beauty of diamonds is so much more than how it looks but rather the sentimental value behind it and how it represents one another’s love. Diamonds are the hardest stone, making it the most durable option for jewelry since the only thing that can cut a diamond is a diamond itself! It’s truly incredible that we’re able to form something from the Earth and have it to wear. Picking out a diamond for yourself or a loved one is one’s hardest decisions to make. We're happy to answer any further questions you may have about natural diamonds and provide you with any other information you need about purchasing to make sure we find the best one for you.

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