Martin Busch Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Jewelry Design

Design your own jewelry in 3 easy steps.

Creating your own jewelry is a simple process whether you design online or in person at our store.

Martin Busch Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design


Custom design always begins with a great new idea. Our Design team will help you bring to life that special piece through computer generated renderings. Not sure where to begin? We have many samples available in-store for inspiration!

Martin Busch Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design

Wax Modeling

A wax mold is sculpted replicating your design concept. This gives you an opportunity to make any changes before the goldsmith begins casting.

Martin Busch Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design


Your chosen design is cast, precious gemstones are set securely, and the new creation is polished to perfection!

Martin Busch Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Designed

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Can you help me redesign my old or heirloom piece of jewelry?
We love these kinds of projects! Maybe you have a piece of jewelry you just don’t think is your style anymore, we can help you redesign. Maybe you were handed down a piece of heirloom jewelry that just needs a little update, we’re hear to help you add to its story!

How long does a custom jewelry project take?
Times very depending on a few factors including complexity of design and the number of revisions. The process generally takes between 3-5 weeks from beginning to end. Some custom projects may be completed faster if the client requires and can be addressed on an individual basis.

Will you set a diamond or gemstone purchased elsewhere?
Martin Busch Jeweler’s will gladly help you design a setting for any diamond or gemstone regardless of whether it was purchased from us.

How much does a custom piece of jewelry cost?
Custom jewelry pricing varies widely depending on the intricacy of the design as well as the amount and type of material.  Starting price is $1500 and goes up from there.