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We are a top rated gold buyers in New York City.

Top Rated Gold Buyers In New York City

Martin Busch Jewelers offers 30% value for store credit or trade!

Do you have old jewelry that you don't wear anymore? Bring it into Martin Busch Jewelers and we'll pay you in cash! Want to turn your out of date or heirloom jewelry in to something all your? We offer an additional 30% value for store credit!

Gold and diamonds make beautiful jewelry and thoughtful gifts. These substances will keep their value even after the jewelry they're part of goes out of style. Many rings, necklaces, cufflinks, earrings, watches, and other objects can increase in value and become family heirlooms. If you have some of these pieces and you don't feel like wearing them, you can make some additional money by selling your gold and diamonds. Here's some information about what jewelers look for when buying diamonds and gold and what you should do to get the best prices for your items.

Types of Gold We Buy

The purity of gold is measured in karats, and this term comes from the same word as carats, the weight unit for diamonds. Pure gold is 24 karats, and it's very soft. It's easy for jewelers to manipulate, but it can also get scratches and other damage easily.

A piece of 12-karat gold jewelry is made from half gold and half other metal such as copper or zinc. It's less costly and more durable than pure gold. However, people can't call jewelry with a purity level below 10 karats gold in the United States. To find out the percent purity of a piece of gold jewelry, you can divide the karat value by 24 and then multiply by 100. For example, 18-karat gold would be 75% pure.

The value of gold depends on the purity and which metals it contains besides gold. However, two 18 Karat gold rings with similar sizes will also have similar values, even if the metal composition is different.

Keeping Track of Gold Prices

Gold is always valuable, but the price of this commodity fluctuates. By selling your gold jewelry when other people are buying gold, you can make a healthy profit. If you're thinking of selling your gold jewelry, you should keep track of the price of gold. Martin Busch Jewelers will evaluat your gold whicle you wait and make an immediate cash offer.

Sell Your Gold In New York City

The Gemological Institute of America is a nonprofit organization that gives information about the quality and authenticity of gems to customers and merchants. A diamond with a report from the GIA or a certified appraiser will be worth more than a similar stone with no paperwork.

Contact Martin Busch Jewelers to determine how much your jewelry is worth. We're the oldest continuously open jewelry store in the area, and we've had relationships with many of our customers for decades. We use sophisticated tests such as electronic testers, acid tests, or scratch tests. We also consider the craftsmanship of your jewelry and whether or not it's an antique, as well as the composition of the metal and the stone. Even if you don't plan to sell them right away, knowing the values of your diamonds and your gold jewelry is important for insurance purposes. Martin Busch Jewelers will evaluate your jewelry for re-sale while you wait and will make an instant cash offer!

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Every minute, the price of gold changes, and within the last few years, the price of gold risen astronomically compared to historical data. For years, gold held a steady price per ounce around $400, but today, it's well over $1,800 per ounce!

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