a person working on a piece of jewelry on a wooden table

Jewelry Restoration In NYC

Get your jewelry restored to its former glory.

Jewelry is delicate, and with wear and time, it's likely to break. Whether it's a piece you wear every day, like your wedding ring or an heirloom brooch, you want to preserve its beauty. Having your jewelry professionally restored by the experienced experts at Martin Busch Jewelers is an excellent idea.

a person working on a piece of jewelry on a wooden table

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What Is Jewelry Restoration?

What Does Jewelry Restoration Entail?

What Are the Most Common Jewelry Restorations?

Jewelry is a meaningful part of your life. It symbolizes your love for your mate and carries memories with it throughout your family tree. Whether your grandmother gave you her engagement ring or you picked up a vintage piece at an estate sale, consider having it revived by a professional jeweler. If you're not sure if your articles are repairable, look for these common blemishes:

Broken or Missing Prongs

Prongs are the metal parts of your setting that hold your stones in place. Because of their position, it's easy to snag on a blanket or sweater. They can also wear down over time and eventually break off. That's when you risk losing your stone. If you notice a broken or missing prong, have your piece inspected by a qualified jeweler. Depending on the damage, they will either bend the prong back into shape or replace it altogether.

Damaged Chain or Clasp

If you never take off your beloved necklace, taking it to bed, in the shower, and everywhere you go, all that wear and tear may cause your item to fail. Inspect your chain regularly, and if you notice a few links are off or the clasp is loose, take it in for repair. Your skilled Martin Busch jeweler will match the quality of your metal for a seamless fix.

Chipped or Missing Stone

Gemstones are some of the hardest natural materials in the world. However, they can still suffer damage. A sharp blow can chip or scratch a diamond or loosen a prong, causing a side stone to become dislodged. Potential problems such as these can be caught early by a highly skilled jeweler's inspection. You may also want to upgrade your center stone to celebrate a milestone in your life.

Dirty or Discolored Jewelry

Polishing and cleaning are a terrific part of any routine maintenance program. Give your jewelry a spa day every six months to remove residue from lotion or soap that may dull your pieces. Regular cleanings will extend the life of your bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Whether you take advantage of a steam clean and polish or a professional-grade ultrasonic cleaner, a jewelry specialist can restore your valuables to their glory.

Ring Sizing

Your ring size will probably change throughout your life. Even the weather can affect the way your rings fit, making them feel loose in the winter and tighter in the summer. Bands passed down to other family members may need to be resized, either larger or smaller, while vintage articles purchased from an antique shop may need some work to suit you perfectly.

Why a Professional Should Service Your Jewelry

It can be frustrating when your favorite accessory breaks. While there may be plenty of DIY alternatives online, it's usually best to depend on an expert. Relax, knowing that a professional is available to service your jewelry. The restoration specialists at Martin Busch Jewelers have many long-term customer relationships because they will save you from making these rookie mistakes:

Damaging the Stones

Diamonds are a girl's best friend for a reason. These sparkling gemstones are beautiful — when cut just right. An inexperienced person may botch the repair and damage your stone, costing it its luster. Whether it's an emerald or a pearl, you won't have to worry about it becoming damaged accidentally.

Using the Wrong Materials

Most DIYers don't have access to the delicate tools needed to do fine jewelry restoration. You may also have a limited amount of the materials necessary to restore a piece to its original quality. Homemade concoctions such as toothpaste, vinegar, and baking soda can corrode and weaken your article's metal. The professionals at Martin Busch Jewelers utilize only the appropriate adhesives, cleansers, and solutions designed to care for your specific type of metal and stone.

Leaving Tool Marks

It's easy for a novice jeweler to accidentally scuff or gouge a broken piece of jewelry in their attempts to make at-home repairs. The practiced hands of an expert won't leave tool marks on your items. Even simple remedies like closing a necklace clasp with a pair of pliers can scratch soft metals like gold. Damage like this causes a noticeable flaw that may affect your jewelry's value.

Failing to Fix it Right

Most of us don't have the experience, advanced education, and certifications that jewelers do. It's crucial that you repair the problem appropriately, or you could find yourself with bigger issues. For example, if you accidentally weaken a setting, you could end up losing a priceless gift.

Professionals like Martin Busch Jewelers have the tools, materials, and knowledge to restore your jewelry expertly. We offer 30 years of experience, including antique jewelry cleaning, watch restoration, and custom jewelry fabrication. Take advantage of this full-service shop's jewelry restoration process and contact us today for an estimate.

Complementary Services

Any fine jewelry purchased at Martin Busch Jewelers may be brought in for complementary cleaning and polishing. 

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