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Martin Busch Jewelers is a prestigious jewelry store located in the heart of New York City, renowned for their exceptional ability to redesign, refurbish, and remount engagement rings, heirloom pieces, and a wide range of precious jewelry items. With years of experience in the industry, the talented team at Martin Busch Jewelers combines their passion for fine craftsmanship with a deep understanding of each client's unique desires and preferences. Their reputation as a top-rated jewelry store in NYC is built on their commitment to excellence and their unwavering attention to detail. Whether you have a vintage family heirloom that needs a fresh new look or an engagement ring that you wish to customize, Martin Busch Jewelers offers unparalleled expertise in transforming your vision into reality. From selecting the perfect gemstones to designing intricate settings, their skilled artisans work diligently to create breathtaking pieces that will be treasured for generations to come.

Why Should I Redesign My Jewelry?

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What To Expect When Transforming Your Jewelry

The process of redesigning a piece of jewelry involves several steps to ensure a successful transformation. It's important to note that the specific steps may vary depending on the complexity of the redesign and the jewelry store's individual process. Communication and collaboration with the jeweler throughout the entire journey are key to achieving a successful redesign that aligns with your vision. Here are the typical steps involved:


The first step is to schedule a consultation with a jewelry designer or expert. During this meeting, you'll discuss your vision, desires, and any specific requirements you have for the redesign. You can also bring in any inspiration or reference materials to help convey your ideas.

Evaluation and Assessment

The jeweler will carefully examine the piece you want to redesign, assessing its current condition, structural integrity, and any limitations or possibilities for modification. They will also consider the practical aspects, such as the feasibility of incorporating new gemstones or altering the setting.

Concept Development

Based on your preferences and the jeweler's expertise, a concept for the redesign will be developed. This involves proposing design options, selecting gemstones (if applicable), and discussing any necessary modifications to achieve the desired outcome. The jeweler may provide sketches, computer-generated images, or even 3D models to help visualize the final design.

Material Selection

If new gemstones or additional materials are required for the redesign, you will collaborate with the jeweler to select the desired gems, metals, or other elements. The jeweler will guide you through the available options, providing insights into their quality, durability, and overall suitability for the design.

Crafting and Execution

Once the design concept is finalized and the materials are chosen, the jeweler will begin the craftsmanship process. Skilled artisans and craftsmen will meticulously work on reshaping, re-setting, or modifying the piece to bring the design to life. This may involve traditional hand techniques or the use of modern technology, depending on the complexity of the redesign.

Finishing Touches

After the primary construction is complete, the jeweler will focus on the finishing touches, such as polishing, refining details, and ensuring the piece meets the desired specifications. They will also perform any necessary quality checks to ensure the durability and longevity of the redesigned piece.

Presentation and Delivery!

What Our Customer Have To Say

I cannot say enough positive things about our
experience at Martin Busch Jewelers. Eva and her team
were consultative, creative, easy and exciting! We
arrived with a few inspiration photos and within minutes
Eva was able to recommend the perfect ring within our
budget and the custom engagement ring was delivered
to us within 6 weeks. Our engraved wedding bands
completed our experience. I look at my ring everyday
and am so happy. Can't thank them enough! You won't
be disappointed if you go with Martin Busch Jewelers.

Kimberly K.

I came to Martin Busch to have my mother's wedding
ring redesigned after her passing. It was an emotional
decision for me and the ladies at the shop were warm
and reassuring. They helped me to feel confident that I
would receive exactly what I wanted. Their kindness
and genuine desire to create a beautiful new design for
me while maintaining the sentiment and importance of
the original materials was unparalleled. I am
immeasurably pleased and will be a returning customer
here forward. Thank you Martin Busch Jewelers!

Christy C.

I have been a Martin Busch Jewelers customer since
the mid 1980's. I was originally introduced to the family
business through a friend and I have been making
referrals to them since then. First and foremost, the
staff gives exceptional friendly and knowledgeable
customer service, and I am always treated like family. I
look forward to chatting and hunting for new items for
myself or as a gift. Martin Busch Jewelers is my favorite
go-to place to shop for quality jewelry, with good prices
and an extensive selection. They also do special repairs
and will even create a design that you have in mind.
You will leave knowing that you have made a wonderful
decision, and will return time and time again with new

Willise B.

Martin Busch Jewelers is amazing! My fiancé and I
came in to the store multiple times and sat down with
Eva for engagement rings. As an indecisive person, Eva
made me feel comfortable, confident and most
importantly helped us create our vision. This is
something I wasn't getting at other jewelers. MBJ are
always there if you have a question and happy to help.
There is no doubt I will be using MBJ again and again.
Thank you so much for my beautiful engagement ring!

Stephanie C.

We had such a wonderful experience working with
Martin Busch Jewelers to select my dream engagement
ring. It was such a low pressure appointment, but they
were very prepared for us with multiple stones
matching our price range and description, as well as
video renderings of each stone in our chosen setting.
We actually ended up going with the first stone Eve
showed us- how she knew exactly what I was looking
for from a quick phone call before our appointment is a
testament to how amazing and skilled she is. I couldn't
recommend this jeweler more. I also ended up having
an antique ring tuned up and a stone added- they were
incredible with that as well. We're looking forward to
using them again soon to pick out wedding bands!

Elizabeth F.

100% recommend this place for all of your jewelry
needs, but especially for repair/ring resizing. My mother
and I have heirloom rings from our beloved departed
mother/grandmother that no other jeweler wanted to
attempt resizing, and we thought we'd never be able to
wear them. But thankfully I found Ozzy and Eva, who
worked with us to find the best solution, meeting with
us a couple of times, talking through all the
possibilities, and really understanding our wishes and
giving us options when no one else could. They were
also able to find a teardrop ruby to replace in an
earring. The results on the rings and earring were
perfect, and we can now enjoy these pieces for
decades to come, and remember our loved one. The
prices were very reasonable, and the service was really
wonderful. I feel like I'll be stopping in periodically just
to say hi to everyone there, because they are just that
fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for
helping us retain these pieces and the memories they
hold. I'll be back!

Meghan D.

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