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Martin Busch Jewelers is a family-owned jewelry store in New York's Financial District. We have provided a wide range of jewelry services for more than five decades, specializing in custom jewelry, engagement rings, and watch restoration. Jewelry doesn't just look pretty; it can have great meaning for the owners, especially if gifted or passed down to them.  

At Martin Busch Jewelers, we care about your valuable jewelry as much as you do, and we aim to preserve your precious treasures through attention to detail and excellent customer service. We offer the following expert services.

Stone Setting and Remounting

Stone setting is the process of attaching a gemstone to a piece of jewelry, such as setting a diamond into an engagement ring. Even when jewelers set gemstones as securely as possible, they can become loose or damaged. This is especially common with jewelry pieces like rings and bracelets that see regular use and come in contact with other objects frequently. Remounting refers to creating a new jewelry piece with two or more pieces.

We offer the following settings:

- Bezel, Prongs, Flush, Pavé, Scalloped, Channel, Bar, Pressure, Tension, Invisible, Illusion, Partial stone, Inlay.

Custom Jewelry Design

Martin Busch Jewelers specializes in making custom designs using customer input, whether online or in person. Once you describe your idea to our design team, they'll use computer-generated renderings to bring your special piece to life. We also have plenty of samples to help get your creative juices flowing. A custom design will have extra sentimental value, feel more personal, and guarantee your piece is one of a kind. We also offer precious metal plating and engraving according to customer specifications.

Custom Engagement Rings

Getting married is one of the most significant life decisions you'll make. While you can find many stunning pre-made engagement rings, there's something special about designing your own. You can create a custom design that feels truly unique and personal — something you will cherish for a long time, if not a lifetime. We offer a variety of precious metals, gemstones, and settings in various styles and colors.

Our jewelry professionals are ready to offer their guidance and help you design a one-of-a-kind ring that fits your budget.

Ring Resizing

Rings can require resizing for a couple of reasons. You might have lost a few pounds, making the fit loose, or you might have gained a couple of pounds, resulting in a tighter fit. Whatever the reason, always go to a professional jeweler for resizing to ensure the ring maintains its structural integrity and beauty. We can expand an engagement ring or wedding band by up to two sizes and tighten them as much as it takes for a proper fit. This process can take one to two weeks.

Note that some rings are easier to resize than others. Rings with bands made of yellow gold, sterling silver, and white gold are relatively easy to resize, while rose gold bands are delicate and can crack. Platinum and titanium bands require unique tools, and tungsten bands cannot be resized. Rings with gemstones encircling the entire band also can't be resized.

Jewelry Polishing and Cleaning

Over time, jewelry experiences wear and tear, losing its sheen and becoming more susceptible to breakage. This is especially common for pieces you wear daily, such as wedding rings. Polishing and cleaning your jewelry is a great way to maintain its beauty and integrity long-term.

Our experienced experts at Martin Busch Jewelers offer several jewelry restoration services:

- Replacing lost stones.

- Recutting chipped gems.

- Cleaning and polishing the metal.

- Enhancing worn shanks.

- Repairing missing or damaged prongs.

Going to a professional for jewelry restoration will keep your gemstones from being damaged and ensure they receive the proper adhesives, cleaners, and solutions. While a DIY fix might seem more convenient, you'll likely end up paying to repair damaged gemstones and bands or to remove tool marks.

Gold and Diamond Buying

Gold and diamonds aren't cheap. Aside from their beauty, these jewelry pieces (especially gold) make excellent investments, as their value does not depreciate with time. Gold and diamonds can also be precious family heirlooms, lasting several generations if you maintain them properly. At Martin Busch Jewelers, we consider a variety of crucial factors when we buy diamonds and gold. These include the four Cs (carat weight, cut, color, and clarity) for diamonds and color and purity for gold.

If you're looking to sell your gold jewelry, we track gold prices and can offer you a fair price. We can also determine the value of your gold and diamond jewelry if you want to know the worth of your collection but aren't yet looking to sell.

Financing and Layaway

Martin Busch Jewelers offers a Synchrony Financial Luxury credit card with exclusive benefits such as:

- Convenient monthly payments.

- An open line of credit for all purchasing needs.

- Special promotional offers.

- Easy online account management.

- Quick credit decision.

- Layaway for purchases of $500 or more.

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At Martin Busch Jewelers, we aim to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction, whether you're looking for a new piece, having a family heirloom repaired, or getting an appraisal. Our experienced and friendly professionals will ensure all your needs are met and keep you coming back for more top-notch jewelry service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Martin Busch Jewelers Services

We care about your valuable  jewelry as much as you do. Attention to detail and preserving your precious treasures is our promise to you. Our expedited services and excellent customer service will keep you coming back to Martin Busch for all your jewelry and repair needs.

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