Can Engagement Rings Be Made Bigger?

Can Engagement Rings Be Made Bigger?

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Finding the perfect engagement ring is a magical part of any couple's journey together. But what happens if that perfect ring doesn't fit as perfectly as you'd hoped? Whether your ring size has changed or the initial sizing wasn't quite right, you may find yourself wondering, "Can my engagement ring be made bigger?" 

In this blog, we'll explore the various methods and considerations for making your engagement ring bigger, ensuring that it continues to be a comfortable and cherished part of your life together.

Understanding the Basics of Ring Resizing

How Rings Are Resized to Be Bigger

Adjusting the size of an engagement ring generally involves one of two methods: stretching the metal slightly or cutting the band to add an extra piece of metal. The choice of method largely depends on how much larger the ring needs to be and its specific design.

Key Factors Affecting Ring Resizing

  • Material: Gold, silver, and platinum are commonly used in engagement rings and can typically be resized. However, the process may vary in complexity depending on the metal's properties.
  • Design Complexity: Simple bands are easier to resize. Rings with full or intricate detailing, like those with stones set all around, may pose more challenges.

Effective Techniques to Enlarge Rings

Inserting Additional Metal

For rings needing a considerable size increase, jewelers can cut the band and add a matching piece of metal. This inserted section is then expertly soldered to ensure the ring's durability and seamless appearance.

Stretching the Existing Band

If a slight size adjustment is needed, the metal may be stretched. This method is quick and less invasive but is not suitable for all rings, especially those with gemstones that could become unset.

Special Considerations for Different Ring Types

When resizing engagement rings, certain designs pose unique challenges, especially those with multiple gemstones or continuous settings like eternity bands. Understanding these challenges and the possible solutions can help ensure that any adjustments made do not compromise the ring's structural integrity or its aesthetic appeal.

Eternity Bands


Eternity bands feature gemstones that encircle the entire ring, creating a continuous loop of sparkle. This design complicates resizing because there isn't a clear section of the band without gemstones that can be easily modified. Most cannot be modified at all since they’re designed to fit perfectly to the requested measurements initially given.

  1. Continuous Design: The gems are usually set very close to each other, and altering the size requires adjusting the entire setting.
  2. Risk of Damage: Adjusting the size can disturb the setting, potentially causing stones to loosen or fall out.


Given the complexity of resizing eternity bands, specialized techniques and creative solutions are necessary.

  1. Adding or Removing Stones: Depending on whether the band needs to be enlarged or made smaller, a jeweler might remove or add stones. This approach requires careful selection to match the existing stones in color, cut, and size.
  2. Re-Crafting the Band: In some cases, it may be necessary to completely remake the band to ensure that the new size maintains the design's integrity. This might involve creating a new setting for the existing stones or even custom-making additional stones to match.

Rings with Multiple Gemstones


Rings adorned with multiple gemstones, especially those with stones set along the sides of the band (side stones), present resizing challenges similar to eternity bands but often involve even more complex settings.

  1. Loosening of Gemstones: Resizing can alter the ring's tension, which might loosen the settings of side stones.
  2. Design Integrity: Keeping the original design's appearance intact while modifying the size can be challenging.


These rings require a meticulous approach to ensure the durability and beauty of the final product.

  1. Complete Redesign: Sometimes, the best solution is to undertake a complete redesign of the ring. This allows the jeweler to reposition the gemstones securely and adjust the band size without compromising on style.
  2. Re-setting Stones: If the band's size needs a slight adjustment, it may be possible to re-set the stones in their current positions after making minor modifications to the band. This process involves carefully removing the stones, adjusting the band, and then securely setting the stones back in place.

Tension Set Rings


Tension set rings hold the gemstone in place by the pressure of the band’s metal, which is crafted to exert force on the gemstone ends, creating a visually striking 'floating' effect. This unique setting poses specific challenges when it comes to resizing:

  1. Pressure Alterations: Resizing a tension set ring often involves altering the pressure applied by the band. Any adjustment can disrupt the balance required to securely hold the gemstone.
  2. Metal Stress: Modifying the original tension setting can stress the metal, potentially leading to deformity or weakening of the band if not done correctly.


Given the specialized nature of tension settings, resizing requires advanced technical skills and a deep understanding of the setting’s mechanics.

  1. Precision Recrafting: Often, resizing a tension set ring might necessitate recrafting the band to adjust its tension without compromising the security of the gemstone.
  2. Expert Consultation: It is crucial to consult with jewelers who have specific experience with tension settings to ensure that the adjustments preserve both the design’s integrity and the gemstone’s security.

Personalized Engagement Ring Resizing at Martin Busch Jewelers

At Martin Busch Jewelers, we pride ourselves on providing personalized resizing services that respect the integrity and aesthetics of your engagement ring. Our approach combines traditional craftsmanship with modern precision, tailored to each ring's unique characteristics.

What We Offer

  • Consultation and Evaluation: We start with a thorough assessment of your ring to determine the best resizing approach.
  • Professional Resizing Services: Our skilled jewelers perform resizing with meticulous attention to detail, whether it involves adding metal or adjusting the ring’s structure.
  • Custom Modifications: For more intricate designs, we can creatively modify your ring to accommodate size changes while preserving its original beauty.

Ensuring a Perfect Fit

  1. Regular Size Checks: Finger sizes can change over time for various reasons. We recommend having your ring size checked periodically to ensure ongoing comfort and a perfect fit.
  2. Long-Term Care and Maintenance: Beyond sizing, regular maintenance checks can extend the life of your ring. During these checks, we not only assess the size but also inspect the prongs, settings, and general condition of the ring to address any potential issues before they become problems.


Whether you need to adjust your ring for a more comfortable fit or to match a change in size, our skilled jewelers are here to help. With precise craftsmanship and an eye for detail, we ensure that your ring continues to symbolize your enduring love beautifully and comfortably.

Visit us at Martin Busch Jewelers or reach out through our contact page to discuss your resizing needs. For more insights on jewelry care and custom designs, explore our blog. At our store, every piece of jewelry is treated with the care and respect it deserves.