Can You Finance Engagement Rings?

Can You Finance Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings can vary significantly in price depending on several factors, including the quality and size of the diamond or other gemstone, the type of metal used in the ring's band, and the brand or designer of the ring.

Engagement rings can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands or more. The average cost of an engagement ring in the United States is approximately $5,500, but this can vary based on location, style of the ring, and other factors.

The cost of an engagement ring should be within your budget and financial means. Many options are available for those looking for affordable options for engagement rings. Ultimately, the most important thing is the love and commitment you share, not the cost of the ring.

Can You Finance Engagement Rings?

Yes, you can finance engagement rings through various means. Many jewelry stores offer financing options, such as store credit or financing plans with low or no interest rates. Additionally, some credit card companies offer financing plans specifically for jewelry purchases.

However, it's essential to remember that financing an engagement ring can result in paying more than the actual cost due to interest charges and other fees. It's crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions of any financing plan before committing to it to ensure that it is a financially sound decision.

Before financing an engagement ring, it's also important to consider other options, such as choosing a less expensive ring or saving up for it over time. Choosing a ring that fits your budget and financial situation is crucial.

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Engagement Rings at Martin Busch Jewelers

Martin Busch offers a stunning collection of engagement rings so you can find the perfect piece for your proposal. 

We offer a financing solution and a layaway plan to meet your budget and needs. With our financing option, you can benefit from special promotional offers (where applicable), an open line of credit to fulfill all your purchasing needs, and a fast credit decision.

Additionally, we offer a 90-day layaway plan for full-price purchases over $500. We do not charge any fees for this service, and there is no need for a credit check.

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Martin Busch Jewelers is dedicated to helping you find a ring that beautifully complements your significant other's distinctive style and personality. Please contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about our financing and layaway options for the perfect engagement piece.