How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring will be one of the most sentimental, meaningful gifts you'll ever receive. It's a reminder of the life you've committed to sharing with another person. Therefore, you need to take care of it properly. 

The following are tips for how to care for your engagement ring.

Take Off Your Ring For Certain Activities

The last thing you want is for the stone or band to dull its shine or get scratched. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to remove it for water-related activities. Such activities include:

  • Handwashing
  • Showering
  • Swimming
  • Applying hand sanitizer and lotion
  • Cleaning or doing dishes
  • Playing sports
  • Gardening, painting, and other hands-on chores

Store Your Engagement Rings

Use discretion when to wear your ring and when to store it. For example, if you're touring a big city, consider leaving it at home to avoid theft. Some places where you can store the ring are:

  • Its original jewelry box
  • Ring dishes you can store in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen when you're doing various activities.
  • A safe-deposit box
  • An individual fabric pouch with a soft lining like silk or velvet to avoid scratching

Make sure to keep them in protected, controlled environments. Avoid excess heat exposure.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Your engagement ring is a precious item built to last, so you need professionals to take care of it. First, consider engagement ring insurance, so you have protection if your ring is lost, stolen, or damaged. 

Next, visit a respectable professional jeweler for cleaning such as Martin Busch. Book an appointment with Martin Busch if you need a reliable jeweler that offers cleaning and repair services. 

Our recommendation is to visit a professional for a cleaning every six months. 

At home, you may use cleaning agents that damage or discolor the ring. They'll clean and polish the stone and band so that the ring retains its beauty and longevity. 

Additionally, don't take the DIY route when you want repairs. Expert jewelers will repair or replace bent, worn, or broken prongs. They'll also replace missing stones or recut chipped gems.


There are plenty of factors to consider when you're taking care of your engagement ring. For example, you may want regular cleaning to make the stone brighter or decide you're ready for upgrades like engraving or millegraining. Do you have questions or concerns about your ring? We at Martin Busch Jewelers are delighted to help you. 

Contact us today, and we'll give you upkeep advice and guide you to decide which cleaning and maintenance services are right for you.