Why Are Engagement Rings Expensive?

Why Are Engagement Rings Expensive?

The price of an engagement ring vary greatly depending on the stone and setting chosen. Diamonds are the most expensive gemstones in settings such as solitaire, three-stone, or four-stone diamond rings.

What Makes An Engagement Ring Expensive?

1. The Clarity And Brilliance Of The Diamond

A diamond's clarity determines how imperfections and inclusions it has. The higher the clarity, the more expensive the piece. The exact relationship is genuine for a diamond's brilliance and sparkle. Inclusions and imperfections can lower a diamond's brilliance, which leads to a less expensive stone.

2. The Color Of The Diamond

A diamond's color on the color grading scale determines if a stone is yellow or white in appearance. Since yellow is the most expensive color, it may be worth purchasing a white diamond.

3. The Size Of The Diamond

The average size of a diamond's cut depends on the carat weight of its center stone. A more significant amount usually reflects more light and is purer than a small cut. Therefore, it may be wise to purchase stones weighing between two and three carats in a setting with at least five stones.

4. The Setting Of The Diamond

The setting of a diamond can also affect the price. For example, solitaire is a one-stone ring with a prong or claw setting. The price will increase with the number of stones in a setting and expand with the size of the stone's center.

5. The Number of Stones Used

The more stones used to create a setting, the higher the ring's price. The same is true for eternity bands and other types of settings that contain different stones. The price difference between a one-stone ring and an eternity band will be much less than that between a three-stone ring and an eternity band.

6. The Style Of The Ring

The style of a ring will significantly affect the price. For example, many people choose to purchase diamond wedding bands along with their engagement rings. Therefore, the price difference will be more significant if you want to buy diamond wedding bands.


A diamond engagement ring is a gift that lasts forever. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, it may be worth purchasing the diamond you want in your chosen setting.

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