Are Custom Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Normal Rings?

Are Custom Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Normal Rings?

Whether you're selecting a ring for your special someone or working with your sweetheart to get one they will be proud to wear for the rest of their life, choosing an engagement ring is an exciting time in your life. As you start shopping, you may soon find that you can either choose a predesigned ring, which is what you'll find in most jewelry shops, or you can work with a professional jeweler to design your own. Before you rule out a custom ring because you think it's too expensive, read on to see why it may be more affordable than you expect.

Pros of Custom Engagement Rings

One of the key benefits of designing a custom engagement ring is the personalization factor. The last thing you want to worry about is showing off an engagement ring, only to find that someone else has the same ring. Certain styles and designs are very popular, which means many people choose them as they pick out their rings. Instead of selecting something that others will have, you can create a ring that complements your personality and will truly be one of a kind, similar to your relationship with your partner.

Another advantage of a custom ring is the freedom and flexibility to choose what you like, rather than feeling like you have to settle for what's in your price range or available at the store. Your only limitation is your budget, and even that isn't too much of a limitation as long as you select metal and stone options that are within your financial constraints.

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that many people will wear throughout their lives, so it makes sense to create something you love and will be proud to wear every day. You could design a ring that incorporates unique elements of your relationship, such as your birthstones or another meaningful stone. Your ring might include a stone in your favorite color or a shade that complements your specific tastes. Choosing a ring design that aligns with your aesthetic and unique style allows you to show it off proudly each day.

Custom Engagement Ring Price Range

At some point, the rumor got around that custom engagement rings are far more expensive than pre-made ring options, and the average person can't afford to buy one. However, this rumor is far from the truth! Similar to other jewelry pieces, custom options are available in a wide range of price points, so just about any buyer can find room in their budget for a personalized piece. Ultimately, the cost depends on several key factors that make up the look of the ring, including the metal, stone, and stone size.

Metal Choices

The metal you select for your ring will play a major role in its overall cost. Certain metals are more precious than others, driving up the cost. Yellow and white gold are popular choices for wedding jewelry, and the karat number on the gold also impacts the cost. Gold is made up of 24 parts, and the karat number refers to how many parts of pure gold are within the alloy versus how many parts are made up of other metals.

Since gold is a very soft material, it has to be mixed with other metals to maintain its shape when made into jewelry. A gold or white gold ring may include silver or another type of metal, so an 18-karat gold ring would include 18 parts of gold and six parts of another metal alloy.

Platinum is another metal option for jewelry, although it's more expensive than other metals. It is rarer than gold, with mining of the material occurring 10 times less than gold. Platinum is among the strongest and most durable among all the metals used to create jewelry, which is why some choose it for their engagement and wedding bands.

Stone and Size

Another factor that impacts the cost of a custom engagement ring is the stone or stones you choose to display in the piece. Diamonds are commonly used in wedding jewelry, but one of the benefits of designing your own ring is that you can decide what stone best fits the personality of the wearer and what they will enjoy wearing on their finger every day. If you already have a stone, your designer may be able to incorporate it into the piece, which can add a special touch to the ring.

Factors that impact the overall cost of a gemstone include the size, cut, and clarity. In diamonds, the color is another factor, as a clearer, colorless diamond is more valuable than one that has flecks of color. As you compare options, you can set a budget and determine which stone and size you can afford. From there, your jewelry designer can help you find the perfect stone to place into the ring.

Working With Martin Busch Jewelers

At Martin Busch Jewelers, we're proud to offer custom engagement rings to those who want to create their own beautiful pieces. We have a team of experienced jewelry designers who can take your ideas and concepts and transform them into the perfect ring that represents your relationship in a truly meaningful way.

The process begins with a consultation with one of our designers. During your consultation, you can share your vision for the customized piece and decide on the style, metal, central stone, setting, and any accents. We'll create the design, then create a wax mold of the ring so you can make any final changes before we cast it.

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating your custom ring with us. We can also talk to you about the options available that fit into your budget and help you design an affordable engagement ring that will truly delight the wearer. For more than 60 years, we've been serving customers in New York City and much of the surrounding area, and we treat all of our customers like family. Custom jewelry design is one of our areas of expertise, so you can count on us to help create the ring you've always wanted.