Best Holiday Jewelry Pieces

Best Holiday Jewelry Pieces

Planning for the holidays is more than just about the gifts, the food, and the gatherings; you also need to consider what you will wear and how you will accessorize with jewelry. Whether you use pieces from your collection or find something new, the jewelry you wear during the holidays is a big part of your look.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's gatherings just around the corner, it's time to start planning what you'll wear and how to complete your look with the perfect jewelry. Take a look at some of the best holiday jewelry pieces and how they can change your look.

Don't Shy Away From Color

The holidays are about festivities and the colors that go with them. Use your holiday jewelry to celebrate, and don't shy away from using color to stand out. Wear bright red and green pieces, such as a ruby and diamond pendant necklace for Christmas, or deep blue sapphire and diamond drop earrings for Hanukkah. You can even bring some color to your hands with bright stackable rings in red and gold, or choose festive emeralds and diamonds.

Consider the Type of Party

Before you choose your holiday jewelry, think about what type of party you will be attending. The outfit you wear to a work party, whether it's after a day at the office or an event planned for the weekend, will be different from what you wear to a casual get-together with your family or close friends.

Jewelry for a Casual Party

When you have a laid-back casual party with your friends, you can tone down your jewelry pieces but still make a fun statement. If it's a cold winter night, you can pair a cozy sweater with a simple pendant necklace and a coordinating bracelet. The new paperclip collection is a conversation starter, with paperclip drop earrings that pair perfectly with any outfit. You can easily make a statement with your jewelry and keep a casual look with a diamond hammered cuff ring or a simple gold bangle bracelet.

Jewelry for an Office Party

When you have a holiday office party to attend, you want to look festive but still professional. A statement necklace with a simple dress can give you some color while still giving you a professional look, and you can pair this with a colorful ring. If you really want the necklace to stand out, make it the only piece of jewelry that you wear.

If you need to transition from a daytime look to an evening look, adjustable-length chains are versatile, and they work with a variety of different necklines and styles. 

Jewelry for a Formal Party

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Do you have a formal New Year's Eve party on your holiday schedule? If you need to dress for an event, you want your jewelry to match the style of your outfit. Drop earrings with or without a gemstone look great with a formal dress, and hoops go well with a sleek cocktail dress. Pearl drop earrings make the perfect accessory if you're wearing black, or you emeralds or sapphires can add a pop of color. Have some fun with your holiday jewelry, even if you're heading to a formal event.

Get Yourself a Statement Piece

Statement pieces are a fun way to wear jewelry during the holidays. Choose some bold hoops for your ears that stand out on their own or a necklace that makes a statement against a simple winter sweater. You can go big with a statement piece and make it the only jewelry you wear to your holiday party.

If your outfit doesn't have a neckline that works with a necklace, make your statement with bracelets to make your look more glamorous. Whether you choose one with gemstones to add color or bright diamonds to add sparkle, you can have some fun with this type of jewelry.

Mix and Match

While we often try to match jewelry and wear several pieces from the same collection, it's also fun to mix and match. Choose several necklaces with different chain lengths and layer them. You can even add a pop of color by adding one with a sparkling gem or diamonds. Layering bracelets is also a fun way to wear multiple pieces at once. If you have several holiday events planned, you can keep changing up your look by layering different pieces every time.

Choose a Classic Look

If you have a more classic style, you can still dress up your jewelry for the holidays without adding tons of sparkle or wearing a bunch of bracelets that jingle as you walk. Sometimes a classic piece is all you need to celebrate in style. A simple silver necklace with a sterling silver heart pendant might be the perfect addition to your outfit, or a pair of simple diamond stud earrings can add just a touch of sparkle to your evening.

Classic never goes out of style, and it can easily transition from a day look to an evening one.

Make an Impact

If you have a new piece of jewelry that you want to show off, such as a diamond starburst pendant or vintage bracelet, make sure to stay simple with the rest of your outfit. You can make your jewelry shine by giving it a simple canvas as a background.

Remember to keep your personal style in mind when choosing jewelry for the holidays. If you like bold and big, wear pieces that represent this, but if you prefer a more subtle look, then you can still be festive with classic pieces. Your jewelry should express your style.

To find some pieces that will work with your holiday wardrobe or to find the perfect piece to give to someone special as a gift for the holiday season, stop by Martin Busch Jewelers at 85 John St. in New York, New York. We can help you pick out something to add to your own collection or to give as a gift. We can also help you create a custom piece that will complement any holiday look.