Tips For Restoring A Damaged Luxury Watch in New York

Tips For Restoring A Damaged Luxury Watch in New York

No accessory withstands the tests of time like a watch. Though styles wax and wane, a watch is a constant companion piece that brings a wardrobe together and makes a man a gentleman.

Our team at Martin Busch Jewelers is here to service all your watch needs. Whether you need your watch appraised, repaired, or restored, our professional jewelers are ready to bring your favorite accessory back to its full potential.


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No matter how fine-tuned and well-made a machine is, it will eventually need a pick-me-up. That goes for your watch as well.

You don't have to buy an entirely new piece once your clock stops ticking or loses its shine over time — Matin Busch Jewelers can bring your watch back up to its original glory. In fact, much like your vehicle, experts suggest that you have your watch serviced regularly to make sure it's running properly. Have your watch checked and cleaned every five years or so to ensure its components are lubricated and in good health. Martin Busch Jewelers can handle nearly any watch repair job, from a component replacement to a simple battery change.

Watches may need repair for any number of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that your watch isn't telling time accurately or at all. One of our expert watch technicians can carefully open the watch to assess the situation. Whether it's aligning the watch's hands, replacing the quartz movement, or switching out a faulty or missing winding stem, we will get it fixed.

Balance Spring Repair and Demagnetization

Even the best watch needs to be reset from time to time. Watchmakers have a deviation allowance, which means a watch may veer off course by a few decades over a long period of time. However, when your watch is jumping ahead or falling behind within the course of a day or two, its balance spring may need to be adjusted, replaced, or demagnetized.

A balance spring can become damaged after an impact, causing your watch to run fast or slowly. If your watch has come into contact with magnets, its balance spring and other components may be magnetized, which can decrease the watch's accuracy. A qualified technician can take a look at your watch to see if these issues are to blame.

Stem and Crown Replacement

A watch has many moving and stationary parts that can become damaged or worn down through use and time. One of the most common repairs a watch will need during its lifetime is a replacement of the stem and crown.

A watch stem and crown is the piece you pull out to set the time or any extra functions your watch can perform, such as showing the date or time of day. As we mentioned above, no matter how expensive or fine a watch is, no system is completely invulnerable to wearing down. If your watch's stem and crown aren't letting you adjust the watch, bring it to our team for an easy replacement. We'll match the style of the crown and stem to your watch to ensure a good fit in style and value.

Button Repair

If your watch has buttons in addition to a stem and crown, they may need to be serviced every now and then. When you notice that a button isn't depressing or returning to its position as fast as it used to, you should bring your watch in for an inspection and cleaning as soon as you can. Dust and corrosion build-up may hinder the button's spring, and cleaning should reverse the problem before further damage is done.

These are some of the most common repairs that watches may need. These problems are just a few of the mechanical issues that may occur in a watch, not to mention aesthetic issues such as scratched crystals. During your consultation at Martin Busch Jewelers, we will take a look at your watch and your needs to plan the best course of action.


The longer men carry a watch, the more stories that watch has to tell. However, as a watch gathers its varied history, it can lose some of its original functionality or luster.

Bring your vintage or used watches into Martin Busch Jewelers to make it look like new. If your watch needs a simple spring cleaning session, our technicians can disassemble the watch, clean it with an ultrasonic cleaning method, and put it all back together like it's a new watch. Restoring vintage watches gives you access to a new world of designs that you may not be able to find in modern watches. If you have a watch with sentimental value, making it functional and beautiful again can be a rewarding experience.

Vintage and antique watches are often made with less hardy components, which can make them more susceptible to damage and debris. If your vintage watch is completely out of commission, bring it in for a consultation to see what we can do to bring it back to life.


Do you know exactly what your watch is worth? Having your watch appraised isn't just for those looking to sell their watches. It's also a good idea to appraise a watch you think is valuable in the event you need to make an insurance claim on the watch or know its taxable value.

In the appraisal process, our technicians will study your watch and look for many factors. Is your watch rare? Is it in good shape? Is it made with quality, valuable materials? These and many other aspects are taken into account when deciding your watch's worth. At the end of the process, you'll have an appraiser's statement of value that you can use as documentation for your watch should you need it.

When you're ready to have your men's watch serviced, contact our team at Martin Busch Jewelers in Manhattan's financial district to get started. You can give us a call or send us a message to begin your consultation today.