Top NYC Restaurants To Order Delivery From

Top NYC Restaurants To Order Delivery From

While the prospect of spending so much time isolated from our friends and from the rest of society is certainly not pleasant, the good news is that this is the best time in history to do it. Because of modern technology we can socialize and be entertained without needing to leave our homes, but also shop online for anything from food to jewelry. Here are some of the best restaurants in New York that deliver right to your door.

The Capital Grille

There has never been a better time to enjoy an expertly cooked steak at home. With their first location opening 30 years ago in Rhode Island, The Capital Grille's mix of an upscale restaurant atmosphere and delicious dishes proved to be a huge success and nowadays they have almost 60 locations in 20 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. 

As any restaurant owner will tell you, having a great-looking location and excellent service will only take you so far, as ultimately it's the food that brings people back to your place. This is why the steaks at The Capital Grille go through an extensive process before reaching your plate. First, they are dry-aged for over 18 days, giving them a unique taste and texture. They are then cut to perfection by their own butchers, before being cooked according to your preferences. 

As any dire situation also creates opportunities, this is a good chance for steak lovers to call and order a meal, as all delivery is complimentary for the foreseeable future. Their delivery menu features a great selection of their finest and most popular dishes, from shrimp cocktails to salads and sandwiches, and of course an extensive selection of their hand-carved steaks. There's even an option to have the steak delivered raw, professionally carved and seasoned, so you can cook it yourself whenever you want. 

Jing Fong Restaurant

Chinese food has always been a firm favorite for those who prefer to have their food delivered. The reasons are pretty obvious: aside from it being delicious, it also comes in very practical boxes that are also easy to store in the fridge for later. Jing Fong was first opened over four decades ago at 24 Elizabeth Street, only a few blocks away from its current location. Their amazing food and top quality service helped them through tough times and enabled them to grow from a modest 150-seater dim sum restaurant to a grand gathering place with over 800 seats.

Their delivery menu has so many delicious options that you're likely to order from them more than once. You can pick from a large variety of soups, steamed, baked or fried dim sums, chicken, pork and beef specials, veggie meals, seafood-based dishes, along with the classic fried rice and noodle options. You can also order a soft drink and some dessert to go with your meal. 

Caffe Napoli Ristorante

You can't say you've had a full taste of New York's cuisine until you've tried some authentic Italian food. Opened in 1972 by Anna Silvestri and her family, Caffe Napoli introduced New Yorkers to the European concept of the sidewalk café. Although it started as a modest coffee shop that only served some pastry along with the coffee, it soon evolved into a proper restaurant. However, despite the growth in size and business volume, their principles remained intact, and they are still committed to providing delicious Italian cuisine to both locals and tourists.

Their most popular dishes for delivery are their famous Napoli house salad, the fettuccini alfredo, the bean and spinach pasta, and their fresh spaghetti. If you're not sure what to order, pizza is always an option, while meat lovers can have their pick from chicken, veal, and beef options. There are also plenty of dessert choices, but if you're looking for a full Italian experience, the best thing you can try is their cannoli. Having originated from Sicily, they consist of a tube-shaped crunchy pastry dough filled with sweet and absolutely delicious ricotta cheese. 

Tamarind Tribeca

Indian cuisine is as eclectic, spicy, and interesting as Indian culture in general. Over the years it has been influenced by countless other cultures and has influenced many cultures in return, becoming one of the most appreciated and popular culinary traditions in the world. Tamarind gets its name from an exotic fruit and was initially a Michelin-starred fine dining place in the Flatiron area of Manhattan. Its founder, Avtar Walia, moved to the U.S. over three decades ago from Northern India with strong knowledge of Indian food and a powerful desire to live out the American dream.

The current Tribeca location has all the flair and authenticity of the original one, and it's only a seven-minute drive away from Martin Busch Jewelers. The most compelling evidence for this place's quality and close connection to authentic Indian cuisine is the high number of Indian ex-pats choosing it as their favorite place to have a meal. Founder Mr. Walia is still heavily involved in the day-to-day operations and makes sure that everything is up to the high standards that made Tamarind famous and highly rated.

Tamarind also offers free delivery for any order higher than $30, giving New Yorkers the opportunity to have a delicious and authentic Indian meal in the comfort of their own living room. Their delivery menu has a wide range of items, from appetizers to soups, salads, and many meat-based and vegetarian Indian dishes. Beverages and desserts are also available, for a complete meal.

Social distancing is hard, from both a mental and a physical point of view. While some things, such as buying a piece of jewelry or having a great meal, are best enjoyed when you're out on the town, having them delivered right at your door is definitely the next best thing. So whether it's a juicy steak or a diamond ring, just pick up your phone and enjoy a piece of Manhattan in the comfort of your own home.

Image via Flickr by jeffreyw