Top Sports Teams in New York

Top Sports Teams in New York

New York City is an excellent example of American ingenuity, camaraderie, enterprise, and especially sports. When it comes to dedication, New York City people are some of the most devoted sports fans on the planet and are loyal to their local sports teams. Let's explore New York City's most popular and successful sports teams.


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Baseball has been dubbed as America's favorite pastime, and it continues to be a significant part of the sports scene. The New York Yankees are considered to be one of, if not the most successful baseball franchises of all time. With 40 American League pennants and 27 World Series championships under their belt, the Yankees made and continue to make a mark in baseball history.

The New York Yankees moved into Yankee Stadium in 1923 and have become one of the wealthiest franchises of all sports with the organization's success from the top down. Some of the biggest names in baseball have played on the diamond for the Yankees, including Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, and Babe Ruth. The drafting of star players continues to this day, and the Yankees are still in the running for yet another World Series title.

The New York Mets may be considered the underdog since they share the city with the Yankees. This doesn't change the fact that die-hard Mets fans are living in the city. The team, founded in 1962, holds two World Series championships and three National League championships. One of their all-time greats is Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver, and one of their most recent stars is pitcher Jacob deGrom who won the Cy Young Award in 2018 and 2019.


Basketball is thriving in New York City with two NBA teams and one WNBA team. Basketball is a favorite pastime for residents as they support all three teams with enthusiasm. No matter their teams' records or stats, New York City fans stand behind their franchises.

The New York Knicks are the most famous basketball franchise in the city, though they have struggled in recent years. They are an original NBA team with lots of history. They play at Madison Square Garden, one of the most exciting arenas in the nation with random celebrity appearances and decibel levels exceeding what's recommended when the Knicks play well or in a close game. Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing is one of the Knicks all-time players as he dominated the center position during his tenure. The current rising star for the Knicks is RJ Barret, a first-team All-American from Duke.

The Brooklyn Nets are a more modern team and are considered a very 21st-century team from their logo to the court's color in their arena. Jay-Z designed their logo, and Nets gear is common on the streets of Brooklyn. The Nets play at Barclays Center, which is reminiscent of a spaceship with a gray court that is sure to impress. Julius Erving, or better known as Dr. J, is the most notable historical player to play for the Nets franchise. Kyrie Irving is one of the Nets' current stars and is a Perennial All-Star guard.

The New York Liberty is New York City's WNBA team. The franchise was formed at the inception of the WNBA in 1996 and is very popular with families. Some of the greatest women basketball players have graced the Liberty's roster, including six-time All-Star Becky Hammon, who made history as the first woman to become a full-time assistant coach in the NBA. One of the Liberty's current stars is Tina Charles, born and raised in New York City and is a former WNBA MVP. The New York Liberty share the Barclays Center with the Brooklyn Nets.


New York City has two professional football teams: the New York Jets and the New York Giants. Though the city people are divided two ways during the regular season, they all rally behind whichever team advances into the playoffs. The Jets finished strong in the 2019 season but have somewhat restructured for the 2020 season and could be strong contenders.

The Giants finished the 2019 season at an all-time low with a 4-12 record and are starting the 2020 season with a new quarterback and new head coach. Hopes are high that the Giants will improve from previous years and once again be a top contender for the Superbowl. Only time will tell as these two teams compete, but one thing is for sure: New York City is proud of both teams.


Soccer is an extremely exciting sport to watch, and there are two Major League Soccer teams in New York City. The city's first professional soccer team, the New York Red Bulls, was founded in 1996. They play at Red Bull Arena and have very vocal fans with a supporters' section named the South Ward located behind the southside goal. 

Fans get rowdy, and the arena echos the stomping of feet when games are intense. One of the greats to play for the Red Bulls is Bradley Wright-Phillips, who holds the eighth place for all-time goals scored in the Major Soccer League. Their current star is the team's leading goal scorer in 2019, Daniel Royer.

New York City FC is the new Major League Soccer team on the block and was founded in 2015. They play at Yankee Stadium, which makes for a unique experience, especially with the fans' passion in the Third Rail on display. Former player David Villa is considered one of the most talented Spanish soccer players ever and scored 77 goals in only four seasons playing for the New York City FC. Rising star Héber Araujo dos Santos, known as Heber, started in 2019 and is quickly proving to be one of the best attackers on the team.

No matter your favorite sport, New York City has a professional team you can follow. Sports bring people together, and this is especially true of fans in New York City. Rivalries may exist between the city's teams, but let one team make it into the postseason and watch those rivalries quickly dissolve as New York City fans come together to support their local team.