Top Wedding Photographers in NYC

Top Wedding Photographers in NYC

Wedding photographs, unlike the cake and flowers, aren't something you can see in advance. That's why you have to do diligent research and carefully select your photographer. From skills and artistic style to personal demeanor, a lot goes into choosing the right person to document your special day. Use this guide to discover your perfect wedding photographer right here in NYC.

How Much Is a Wedding Photographer in NYC?

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Wedding photography prices vary across the country. Some rookies charge as little as $1,000, while the big shots charge as much as $10,000. This pricing is usually based on the artist's experience and demand, not necessarily style, and higher estimates don't always mean a better experience.

The rates in NYC are about 27% higher than the country's average and range between $2,500 and $5,000. You can expect to pay around:

  • $953 for an hour-long shoot.
  • $1,524 for two hours.
  • $2,667 for four hours.

What Do Those Charges Usually Include?

A wedding photography package should capture more than just images of the ceremony. From pre-wedding festivities to intimate family moments, you'll want to ensure there's ample time for portraits and everything in between.

When researching wedding photographers, be sure to request services, such as:

  • Multi-day coverage.
  • A second shooter.
  • Editing.
  • An online gallery of digital photos.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Price caps on prints.

The Top 7 NYC Photographers

Start researching wedding photographers early. Browse their online portfolios, learn about their style, and remember to read their reviews posted by other couples to pinpoint the shutterbug you like best.

Use this list to kick off your search for the top photographers who serve the NYC area:

  1. Matthew Sowa

Matthew Sowa is an internationally renowned, award-winning wedding photographer. Located in the Canal Street Market, he brings experience, perspective, and passion to every shoot. Matthew's talent for capturing the joy and love of your nuptials ranges from an intimate affair to a formal celebration.

Commemorate your special day with Matthew and his team's unique perspective. This expert photographer has captured more than 800 weddings while endearing himself to couples with his sensitive, honest, and modest approach. If you and your fiancee appreciate outstanding creative photography, consider booking Matthew Sowa.

  1. Priyanca Rao

New York City is home to many world-class portraitists and cinematographers, including Priyanca Rao. This wedding photographer specializes in traditional American, Jewish, South Asian, and Indian wedding customs.

From engagements to ceremonies and family portraits, this family photographer's artistic documentary style creates an extraordinary storytelling experience that you'll fondly look back on years later. Priyanca's goal is to capture you and your wedding party live and in-the-moment. 

Your big day should be fun, and those candid shots are some of the best memories to share with loved ones who can't be there with you. Located on First Avenue, Priyanca is your go-to photographer if you love classic design and creativity.

  1. Sergey Lapkovsky

Over the last 12 years, Sergey Lapkovsky has documented over 400 weddings in more than six countries, from the U.S. to Iceland. In 2019, he won more than 30 international wedding awards and was named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the world by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

Take advantage of the honorable recognition his photographs have achieved at your ceremony. Sergey's mission is to capture your soiree's warmest moments, filled with emotion, smiles, and happiness. This cameraman understands that every couple is different, and he takes the time to understand what's important to both of you.

  1. Danila and Lana

Danila and Lana believe that your nuptials are more than photos and videos. This day is about people and how you spend this remarkable time together. With a combination of editorial and documentary styles, this young and adventurous team gives you something you can't find anywhere else. Portrait sessions feature a relaxed approach without those awkward staged shots.

Remember to ask Danila and Lana to capture images of your bridal set. Wedding photography is all about the details, and you're going to want to showcase your rings on your big day. Jewelers like Martin Busch offer everything you need, from engagement rings to gifts for your maids and groomsmen.

  1. Susan Shek

Wedding photographer Susan Shek specializes in documentary-style photography for your engagement setting, wedding day, and portraits. Her goal is to record the beauty and emotion of your authentic self.

She touts impeccable timing, a creative eye, and best of all — a calm demeanor. While this event is one of the most joyous occasions of your life, it can be stressful. Susan works to depict your story naturally and takes advantage of lighting techniques to highlight your affair's unique tone.

  1. Emma Cleary

Since 2009, Emma Cleary had delivered award-winning wedding photography and videography to couples in NYC and abroad. Her style is defined by her distinctively contemporary approach. Her team is dedicated to working closely with clients to portray documentary-style pictorials that creatively document the realism and elegance of every couple's blissful affair.

Emma's fine arts background as an accomplished and Parsons-trained painter contributes to her photography aesthetic. She's also an expert photo retoucher and is able to bring out the best of every image, from origination to perfection.

  1. Billy Schultz

Billy Schultz describes his camera-slinging team of wedding photographers as professional, hard-working, dedicated, friendly, conscientious, and precise. He specializes in serving the LGBTQ, vegan, and eco-friendly communities. This experienced artist is so confident in his skills, services, and products that he guarantees zero stress at your sitting.

Billy's flair for the avant-garde comes with a deep respect for tradition that produces timeless, cutting-edge images you'll cherish forever. He finds inspiration in cinema, classic art, and of course, love. If you want your wedding photographs with a side of bad puns, Billy is your guy.

This list of top wedding photographers in NYC was brought to you by Martin Busch Jewelers. What do you think? If we missed your favorite photographer, let us know so we can add it to our directory.