Transform Your Treasures: Martin Busch Jewelers' Gold Buying, Redesign & Remounting Event

Transform Your Treasures: Martin Busch Jewelers' Gold Buying, Redesign & Remounting Event

Are you ready to turn your old jewelry into something new and exquisite? Look no further than Martin Busch Jewelers' upcoming event, "Transform Your Treasures." From September 28th to 30th, we invite you to join us at our store located at 85 John St, New York, NY 10038, for an extraordinary opportunity to breathe new life into your cherished pieces.

Sell Your Old Gold/Platinum Jewelry

Do you have old gold or platinum jewelry lying around, waiting to be put to better use? At our event, you can sell your unused treasures and get rewarded handsomely. We offer an enticing deal - receive an extra 10% in cash or an impressive 35% in store credit when you sell your gold or platinum jewelry. This is your chance to declutter your jewelry box and walk away with something even more special.

$150 Off Your Next Custom Design

But that's not all! When you participate in our "Transform Your Treasures" event, you'll receive an exclusive bonus. Get $150 off your next custom-designed piece. Our expert jewelers will work closely with you to create a unique masterpiece tailored to your preferences, using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Sell Your Gold & Start Anew

Why let your old gold collect dust when you can turn it into something you'll love and cherish? By selling your gold at Martin Busch Jewelers, you can use your earnings towards acquiring a stunning new piece from our collection. It's a win-win situation - out with the old and in with the new, all while preserving the sentimental value of your jewelry. We also accept platinum and some diamonds!

Remount Your Engagement Ring

Is your engagement ring in need of a fresh look? Our skilled jewelers can remount your engagement ring, giving it a revitalized appearance that will capture hearts all over again. Whether you're looking to update its style or simply enhance its elegance, we have the expertise to make your engagement ring truly shine.

Turn Heirloom Gemstones into a Fresh New Piece

Do you have heirloom gemstones that deserve a new lease on life? At Martin Busch Jewelers, we can transform these cherished gemstones into a stunning new piece of jewelry. Let us create a custom design that honors your family's legacy while adding a modern touch that suits your taste.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to transform your treasures. Join us from September 28th to 30th at 85 John St, New York, NY 10038, and let Martin Busch Jewelers turn your old jewelry into something remarkable. Our team of expert jewelers is excited to help you rediscover the beauty and significance of your jewelry collection. See you there!