Wedding Band Material

Wedding Band Material

Nobody wants to feel disappointed in their choice of wedding rings, but did you know the typical golden wedding ring actually doesn't contain that much raw gold? And some wedding rings aren't made with any gold at all. A little education will help narrow down your options, so you have one less detail of your big day to worry about. Here's every question you might ask on the way to your perfect pair of wedding rings.

What Are Wedding Bands Made Of?

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While golden rings are the most common, different metals such as silver, tungsten, platinum, and other materials are also baseline materials for great wedding rings. Each of these metals comes with its own unique characteristics and is usually mixed with other metals for durability or a unique color combination.

What Is the Best Metal for a Man's Wedding Ring?

A man's wedding ring should be made of whatever materials he likes the best for your wedding budget, but there are more options than you might expect:


Gold wedding rings come in rose, white and traditional yellow. Unlike other metals, gold is extremely malleable, offering easy opportunities to do unusual patterns, engravings, etc. Gold jewelry is a classic look and is very easy to clean as well. Some people are concerned about the quantity of pue gold or how it is mined or re-obtained, opting instead for a more prevalent, sustainable metal. However, there are also rings made of ethical, eco-friendly gold.


Shiny, strong, lightweight, and offering countless visually distinct alloys, titanium is a perfect wedding ring material for a man who wants something more affordable or with more color possibilities than gold. A quick look at titanium jewelry will show countless color combinations, many of them darker or with a gray tinge that might appeal to a more pragmatic or serious groom.


Platinum's hue is pleasantly soft, and the metal is very durable, stronger than similar-looking options like white gold. It's also a dense, heavy metal, which some men prefer as it helps them feel it on their ring fingers.

Many wedding rings made from other metals still use platinum prongs to securely hold the ring's stone in place. If your man will be wearing a nice diamond or other gemstone on his wedding band, platinum is worth considering.


A wedding band not made from metal may sound strange, but the term "ceramic ring" is slightly misleading. Ceramic rings are made from a special mixture called titanium carbide, optimal for jewelry due to high durability and scratch resistance. Ceramic rings are great for the budget-conscious man, with just as much visual variety as titanium, and usually at a lower cost.


Tungsten is one of the hardest metals any piece of jewelry could include. It is a perfect choice for those looking for a scratch-resistant wedding band without breaking the bank. Many people like the conversation piece of taking a metal normally used in electronics and using it in jewelry, so such a ring might appeal to a more fashionable, modern man.

What Is the Best Metal for a Woman's Wedding Ring?

A woman's wedding ring needs are as diverse as a man's, with similar points of common ground. All the options above should still be on the table, plus a few more:


Cobalt is taking the jewelry industry by storm. Although similar to white gold, cobalt is much stronger and harder to scratch. Some women love the look of cobalt chrome, an alloy with chromium for a shinier, more steely look. If you love to polish your ring so it shines its best, this wedding band material won't disappoint. Cobalt is also heavier than platinum, though, so possibly try a chrome blend.


This durable alloy of iron and carbon comes in many forms and serves many purposes in our daily lives. It suits those looking for a stainless metal that is easy to polish and costs less than other materials. The metal also features a pleasant look between silver and titanium.


Sterling silver behaves similarly to gold yet costs must less. It comes with an excellent finish that can attract attention easily. However, silver is also sensitive, best stored in a cool and dry place. Cleaning silver requires special attention so as not to scratch the delicate metal, but this required care can make the ring more special for a bride-to-be.

How Much Should You Spend on a Man's Wedding Band?

How much a man should spend on a wedding band depends on personal preferences, tastes, and lifestyle. The average price for men's wedding bands ranges between $100 and $200. But for couples shopping together, it is recommended to save about $500. At this price range, you will be assured to get something that looks nice and will last many decades, or even centuries. 

What Does It Mean When a Man Wears a Black Wedding Band?

For many couples, black wedding bands signify strength and courage. For other couples, black could indicate a strong sense of commitment. Others wear black wedding bands for safety reasons (less chance of looking valuable to thieves), as a political statement, or to express a dark or macabre personality.

What Does Wearing a Wedding Band on the Right Hand Mean?

Some reasons to wear a wedding band on your right hand may include left-handedness, to signify renewed wedding vows, or simply a cultural preference. Since it draws more attention, there are many potential contexts for why someone would want to do it.

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