What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Jewelry?

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Jewelry?

Have you been looking at engagement rings or another special piece of jewelry and aren't sure how to get the best value for your money? If you need to make an expensive jewelry purchase on a budget it's helpful to plan ahead and think about what time of year you are going to buy that engagement ring. Jewelers might offer items at discounted prices to encourage sales during slower seasons, and the fluctuating prices of silver and gold can contribute to the cost of finished pieces. The price of diamonds and other precious stones can also change with demand.

Holiday Sales

If you weren't able to make your big jewelry purchase before the busy holiday season started, and you need to have it before the January lull, there are still a few things you can do to save money. While diamonds will be at their most expensive during the late fall and early winter and are rarely discounted, many jewelry sellers offer sales on the cost of the setting during Black Friday, Cyber Monday if you're buying online, and other traditional holiday sales periods. If you have to buy during the busiest shopping season waiting for a sale helps you save.

You'll have to contend with crowds when shopping the holiday sales so do some research ahead of time so you have an idea of what you want. Sellers might not have as much time to spend with each customer, and rushed orders might bring additional charges. You'll also have less time to make a decision without worrying that the piece you have your eye on will get snapped up, so know your budget, know what you want, and go get it as soon as those holiday sales hit. It doesn't have to be hectic shopping for jewelry during a busy sale.

Making an important jewelry decision is something that you should plan ahead for so that when you finally make your purchase you'll know you have the right piece at the right price.

After the Holidays

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Everyone gets caught up in the holiday spirit of giving and receiving gifts, but with so much buying happening it can be overwhelming, and investing in a special jewelry purchase can add a strain to your wallet. If you can hold off until the rush is over you might be able to find your perfect piece for a reduced after-season price. In times of demand, jewelry prices can go up, so if you start looking around a few months ahead of when you want to purchase you can notice trends and get an idea of items in your price range.

You are more likely to find reduced prices on jewelry during slower times of the year. After the winter holidays, shops might want to move items that didn't sell during the Christmas rush so January can be an ideal time to nab some discounts. You'll have more time to browse without the hustle and bustle of the December shopping crowds and can spend more time deciding on which piece your special someone will love the most. You might be able to ask and see if a seller is willing to go lower on the price of that perfect item.

March and Late May

Maybe you'd spent too much over the holidays and prudently didn't want to make any big purchases in January. Then February rolls around with Valentine's Day and the second busiest time for jewelers when demand, and prices, are high. This makes March the ideal time for buying that signature piece you've been craving or a diamond ring for that special someone. After the dual romantic periods of Christmas and Valentine's Day are over it is the perfect time to make your valuable purchase and secure that perfect anniversary ring or diamond earrings for your beloved when prices are lower.

Another great time to see if the prices are down is in late May after everyone has bought and been given Mother's Day gifts. Sellers might be eager to move any stock that didn't sell before the summer dry season and offer special Memorial Day prices. If you've had your eye on a piece this might be the time to finally take the plunge and get the perfect gift to tell someone how you feel about them. Whether it's a birthday gift, engagement ring, or a long head start on Christmas shopping, late May is a great time to buy.

Summer Slump

With no romantic or gift-giving holidays to celebrate during the long summer days, July and August are often a slow time in the jewelry business and a perfect time to buy. Usually, by the time the summer wedding season rolls around rings have already been purchased a few months in advance, therefore jewelers don't have the large influx of summer business that other wedding vendors do. You might be able to make a lower offer as sellers try to clear some stock before new inventory arrives in preparation for the busy holiday season.

During the slow summer months when demand is low the price of gold, silver, and even diamonds can also decrease which will ultimately affect the price of the final product and you'll be able to find quality jewelry pieces at prices you might not see in winter. Early autumn is also a slow time to buy, so planning a little further ahead for a Christmas gift or a Christmas proposal can save you some money or get you a higher value item for your budget. Buying during the slow months is less stressful and lets you take time for decisions.

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