Zoom Weddings, Virtual I Do's, & Online Ring Shopping

Zoom Weddings, Virtual I Do's, & Online Ring Shopping

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Sixpence coins are available online for the well-wishing die-hard who upholds tradition. Every couple deserves all the good fortune and luck to have their careful planning and decision making come to fruition. But for some, this dream may need to be postponed as we face difficult times. Or does it?

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced virtual weddings are now legally binding and we, for one, are totally on board. The health and wellbeing of friends, family, and the wedding party certainly come before all else with a pandemic not yet in our rearview mirror. But as proud champions for precious commitments and lifelong memories, we hope to encourage couples who feel it appropriate, to take back their wedding date.

A virtual wedding may sound comical or trite, but rest assured there are plenty of ways to personalize and endow sentiment in sharing your moment any way you could imagine. Our research recommends confirming any setup functions and practicing to perfection, but most of all, focusing on what has carried you to want to celebrate your relationship. Zeroing in on what really matters to both members of the couple. Without all the elegance and grandeur of a location or the hours of professional pruning and preparation, what is the distilled essence of your ceremony? What an opportunity to share the most concentrated piece of yourselves with friends and family, like a diamond, truly in the rough.

Zoom and the option of virtual matrimony provide the opportunity to couples around the world to share a singular experience with loved ones, without compromising the potential meaning of an anniversary date. A dear friend without much time or a beloved family member in another country can together share a couples’ deep commitment to one another even from afar. Paired with a postponed party, perhaps a first-anniversary re-wedding, a to-be-announced reception date leaves room for all the necessary in-person wedding rituals and rites that every couple deserves. While it may not be the right choice for every couple who finds themselves facing this challenge, we hope it sparks some joy in possibility in what is surely a disappointing time for anyone with impending nuptials. 

Buy Your Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Online

We at Martin Busch Jewelers wish anyone laboring to stick the wedding landing at this time all the blessings of loving through better and enduring through worse. We are here, as always, to assist you in selecting and ordering wedding bands and finished engagement rings online. If there is any way we can assist in your preparations for a wedding or special moment in the near or far future, please let us know.

We believe every bride or groom probably already has something old, something borrowed, something blue in mind. But in keeping with that tradition, there must also be something new. If your current plans leave you without, we will leave you with the idea that perhaps this could be your something new: a new way of approaching an incredible commitment.