Renting vs. Buying Your Wedding Tuxedo

Renting vs. Buying Your Wedding Tuxedo

Wedding day is a big day for both the bride and the groom, and lots of planning goes into the event, including what the bride and groom will wear. While it's common for the bride to purchase her dress, the groom has the option to either purchase or rent a tuxedo. Just like other decisions involved in wedding planning, there is no right or wrong answer to this; it's just a matter of what you are looking for. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to rent or buy a wedding tuxedo.

The Basics of Groom Attire

It's important to note that the groom doesn't have to match the groomsmen. Since he is the most important man in the wedding, the groom can set himself apart from the others. The groomsmen's tuxedos or suits should complement the groom, but they don't have to match exactly.

It's also important to consider the type of wedding it will be, and the tuxedo should make sense in the context of the event. For example, a tuxedo is ideal for a formal evening event or even a formal daytime event, but a suit is a better option for an informal wedding.

Reasons To Rent a Tuxedo

There are several benefits to renting a tuxedo. These include:

  • Renting is less expensive than buying. If the groom will only wear the tuxedo once, then renting is the best option. A rental tuxedo can cost under $200 while purchasing one can start at about $300 and will go up from there. It's not unlikely that a tuxedo and everything to go with it will run over $500 or more once it's all said and done.
  • You can afford a higher-end tuxedo. If you rent a tuxedo, you can splurge and get a higher-end tux that you couldn't afford to purchase. For example, renting a Hugo Boss tux will cost about a third of the price it would cost you to buy one. Renting might allow the groom to check out some designer brand tuxes that they wouldn't be able to consider if they were buying it.
  • It comes with all the accessories. A rental will come with all the accessories the groom needs for a complete look. You don't have to think about picking out and buying shoes, a shirt, a tie, or cuff links unless you decide you want to upgrade or change the look.
  • You won't be stuck with the same look. If you plan on wearing a tuxedo for several events over the next few years, renting will allow you to change your look for each event, so you are not stuck with the same style. Tuxedo styles change just like other fashion, and if you purchase a tux, you might end up with an outdated look several years later.
  • There's room to grow or shrink. If you buy a tux, you might not fit into it a year or two later. Renting allows the groom to grow or even shrink, whichever the case may be.
  • You can easily match the groomsmen. Even though it's not necessary for the groom to match the groomsmen, if you want the wedding party to have the same look, renting makes it easier for everyone to get the same tux and accessories.

Reasons To Buy a Tuxedo

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Buying a tuxedo has many benefits, too. They include:

  • It can pay for itself. If you have several formal events a year, buying a tuxedo makes more financial sense. You'll get your money's worth if you wear a purchased tux to at least one other event, and it gets better if you wear it a few times.
  • Grooms can have it made to measure. The arm and leg length of a rental tux are easy to adjust, but depending on the fit of the jacket, it can look either too big, too boxy, or even too tight. When you purchase a tux, the tailor will measure you and then alter the tux to fit you perfectly.
  • You can pick out your own accessories. Tux rentals come with certain accessories, and you have to choose from predetermined colors and patterns. When you purchase a tux, you can choose what you want to go with it. If you have other events where you will wear the tux, you can even get different accessories for each event if you want to change your look.
  • You get to keep the memory. When you buy your wedding tuxedo, it will hold personal significance. You can pull it out when you want to remember the day, and you'll have it forever.
  • You can make the groom stand out. If you want the groom to have a different look than the groomsmen, he can purchase a tuxedo, and the groomsmen can rent their tuxes. This way, the groom has a unique look, and the rest of the wedding party will match.

Other Factors Worth Considering

As you plan the wedding and decide whether to rent or buy a tuxedo, take into consideration the event and how you want to look. Purchasing a tuxedo might mean you have more choices when it comes to style, but renting might be more convenient.

If you have a large wedding party, a rental shop might have a more convenient location, or if you have groomsmen from several different areas, you can rent online. Getting everyone in the wedding party on the same page will make things go smoother in the long run.

Another thing to consider is the groom's body shape and size. If he is a standard size, then renting a tux with minimal alterations is easy. If the groom is not a standard size, then purchasing might be a better way to go since you can have it tailored to his specific body shape.

Remember, wedding attire for the bride and groom is an important decision, but it's only one piece of the wedding. When you need wedding rings, engagement rings, and even gifts for the bridal party, give us a call at Martin Busch Jewelers, and we can help you get everything you need to make the day complete.